Air Transport Solutions

Cargo Sales Agent in the Czech Republic

Air Transport Solutions is representing as cargo sales agent the following airlines in the Czech Republic and partly also in Slovakia:

Aeroflot (Russia, SU, 507-)

  • the biggest Russian carrier, with an extensive transit destination network
  • regular direct flights from Prague to Moscow - 5x per day
  • professional service throughout Russia and transit destinations including Far East, Asia, America
  • tracing of shipments

Belavia (Belarus, B2, 628-)

  • regular direct connection between Prague - Minsk, daily flights
  • several transit destinations available
  • tracing of shipments

Blue Air (Romania, 0B, 475-)

  • regular direct flights to Bucharest
  • transit flights across the whole Europe

Cargolux (Luxembourg, CV, 172-)

  • general Sales Agent Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • renowned full-cargo carriers - fleet consisting solely from large wide-body freighters Boeing 747-400F and Boeing 747-800F
  • major hub in Luxembourg (LUX) - wide network across the whole world - excellent coverage, high quality service - large shipments capabilities. Outsized cargoes, cars, perishlable etc.
  • - including tracing of shipment

Cyprus Airways (Cyprus, CY, 078-)

  • regular direct flights Prague - Larnaca
  • tranzit destinations Tel Aviv, Athens, Thessaloniki and other

S7 Airlines (Russia, S7, 421-)

  • regular direct flights between Prague and Novosibirsk

SCAT Airlines (Kazachstán, DV, 655-)

  • regular direct flights Prague – Nursultan (Astana)
  • tranzit destinations in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Mongolia

Yamal Airlines (Russia, YL, 511-)

  • regular direct connection Prague - Tyumen - currently not operated